In Harm’s Way in 2014

We have, judging by their recent decisions, the most incapable Supreme Court of several generations.  We have a Congress gridlocked by nothing more than a half baked political idea from Newt Gingrich that preventing Obama from doing anything at all would be good for the GOP.  We have an intellectual for a President who’s idea […]

Shouting Fire in America

Shouting fire in a crowded theater that you know is not on fire is not free speech.  If you shout fire, liability attaches if there is an intent to do harm, or the act causes harm even if unintended.  Government could ban the act of shouting fire as an exception to the First Amendment but […]

Tea Party Causing Exactly What They Warn Against

At the core of conservative dogma about government is that if the national debt gets too big it will soak up all the capital in the world and thus drive up interest rates to some apocalyptic level.  Catastrophically high interest rates will kill economic growth and multiply the debt burden through higher interest and falling […]

There Are No More Conservatives

Conservative, by definition, is oppositional to change, moderate, cautious.  A person can be conservative.  The current political incarnation that we now call conservative is something other than a collection of people who exhibit the characteristics of a conservative person.  In politics, conservatism as defined by Edmund Burke, the father of conservatism, is a living contradiction. […]

Guns In My Life

A shadow box sits on my mantle.  In it are the effects of my great uncle Homer who was killed in WW I serving as a U.S. volunteer in the Canadian forces deployment to Europe.  Thereafter my family were pacifists.  Pacifism, however, does not seem to shield you from danger anywhere on the scale from […]

The Second Amendment: A Double Edged Sword

The only thing about the Second Amendment that is certain is that it was intended to assure the survival of the fledgling nation that drafted it. That nation is now a superpower with no real need of a standing militia to support it’s military might, but the possibility that it might not always be a […]

The Forces of Socioeconomic Darkness

More than anything, Obama’s inaugural address reminds us that human progress is under perennial attack. For the POTUS to consider it necessary to recite the history of American progressive thought that has led the creation of the world’s most admired, most envied, and most hated nation spells out that fact. It was an acknowledgement that […]